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18 May, 2013

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Description: Stereograms: "Animals". It is the collection unique, anywhere to a wound of not published stereopictures on fauna. You receive the link to archive downloading. Requirements of special stereograms for the press aren't present. In total as with usual listing of color images: paper and paints all standard. Therefore the electronic package received by you with files, you will be able to unpack on a place in any photo salon or printing house.

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18 March, 2013

Animated stereogram: Metamorphoses

On the blog you yet didn't see such animated stereogram. It is necessary to an inexperienced look rather hardly, and here such degree of complexity only will please professionals. You always ask something more difficult to think up. So, complexity of the picture that stereogram quickly replace each other. And here what such metamorphoses happen to figures in this animated stereogram to you it is necessary to describe in detail? We are ready? You adjust the eyes and we observe stereo metamorphosis miracles.

17 March, 2013

Stereogram. The bee in flower 3D - a labyrinth

Having looked attentively at this stereogram with a flower clearing, you will see 3D - a labyrinth from flowers. Help the bee to fly by a way according to the stereogram on which there are flowers fullest by nectar.
We look attentively at the stereogram and we give the answers in comments.

15 March, 2013

Stereogram with Flowers

Today I saw in transfer experiment as the simple bunch of flowers influences mood of the woman. Flowers do us happier! Here and I decided not to try to be original and present to you the stereogram with flowers. You will be able to download and unpack this "magic eye" a card in high quality to DOWNLOAD>>>
Happiness to you, my dear lovers of stereograms!
Yours faithfully, Julia Kamenskaya

11 March, 2013

"Magic eye" - the English alphabet

Today I suggest to remember sequence of letters in the English alphabet, to check how well you remember.  In the stereogram you will see the hidden volume letters
So, consider attentively the picture a "magic eye" and tell: whether in what sequence they stand in the alphabet and all letters here the English?

07 March, 2013

The test with stereograms - Be loaded Positive!

Before you the simple psychological test in stereograms. Everything is simple, seen in the stereogram 3D - the element characterizes the first, opens your personality. You want to learn who you are actually? Then read tasks to dough and you look stereograms.
Task No. 1 
What candy of color you saw the first in volume?

04 March, 2013

Interview to Svetlana Chernysheva "Influence of stereograms on sight"

Hello, dear friends!
Today an unusual format of a meeting, we have a guest. On blog pages, you often ask me: "How stereograms influence sight? ". To answer this and other important questions, I invited Svetlana Tchernyshev.
Allow to present it to you

 Svetlana Tchernyshev - the author of the blog – your sight in your hands!   author of the book "Only forward!  " - the step-by-step guide to performance of exercises for eyes, trainings "How to improve sight on Shichko-Bates's method?  " and "Inevitable restoration of sight".
Svetlana independently improved sight with-6,5 to-3.
Excellent results in restoration of sight are reached also by her pupils.  It is possible to judge it on numerous responses on the blog.

02 March, 2013

Results of TEST. Stereograms – Learn the level of professionalism!

From 0 to 3 – the "Beginner" level
From 3 to 6 – the "Advanced" level
From 6 to 9 – the "Professional" level
And all 10 correct answers – the "Guru of Stereograms" level
So, what at you professionalism level in viewing of stereograms? I wait for your comments!

TEST. Stereograms – Learn the level of professionalism!

Now I suggest you to learn the level of professionalism in viewing of stereograms. For this purpose I created the special test. Before you 10 stereograms, different degree of complexity. After all tasks click on the link "Show Answers" and compare to that that you see. For each correct answer – you charge to yourself 1 point.

01 March, 2013

Simple and difficult stereograms

Тест. Стереограммы – Узнай свой уровень профессионализма!

You, probably, noticed that viewing of some stereograms for you is possible and you can see them almost instantly, and others – it is more difficult: any time "to adjust" an eye is required and to see the stereogram. It is interesting to you why so occurs?
I will share with you a small secret: the matter is that stereograms happen different degree of complexity. On what it depends?

25 February, 2013

To 9 meter SUPER-Stereogram with a declaration of love

Stereograms "magic eye" – Sports for eyes

Caring about health and beauty of a body, we don't pay due attention, and is frequent at all, to our eyes. We pay to them attention only when we start feeling already discomfort, we speak: "Eyes were tired". And it isn't surprising, after all eyes of the modern person test enormous loadings: motley and dynamic advertizing everywhere, business hours behind the computer monitor, small symbols and images in mobile phones and much many other things keeps our eyes in constant suspense. What to do to save and keep sight to extreme old age?

Stereograms. Myths or reality?

Wandering on Internet open spaces, in search of additional interesting information on stereograms, such versions and the assumption of magic essence of these pictures involuntarily emerge that simply wonder! In this article I want to share results of the search and to discuss them with you. Probably you resolve my doubts and many, you will dispel the myth or, on the contrary, you will provide the confirmation facts. I invite you to accept active having speeded up in this, almost scientific, discussions.

08 March, 2010

To order and buy Magic Eye (stereogram)

09 January, 2010

Original the Magic Eye - the Card: «I Miss You …»

Magic Eye with animation: Under the Rain

Magic Eye - the Puzzle - the Cut picture

14 October, 2009

Аnimated stereogram. Geometrical figures

08 September, 2009

Magic eye: Angel

Magic eye: Angel

Angels are usually viewed as messengers of a supreme divine being, sent to do the tasks of that being. Traditions vary as to whether angels have free will. While the appearance of angels also varies, many views of angels give them a human shape. Despite a common popular belief — or at least metaphor — that angels are former human beings, most major religious organizations deny such a view, and this position is held only by Latter Day Saints and the Bahá'í Faith.

Signs of the zodiac. Virgo. The Virgin

Modality: Mutable
Element: Earth
Ruler: Mercury
Season: Summer
6th Sign of Zodiac

Metal: Mercury
Stone: Sapphire
Color: Blue, Beige
Anatomy: Intestines, the nervous system

Keywords: analytical, intelligent, reserved, critical, helpful, conscientious.

Stereogram:Signs of the zodiac. Virgo. The Virgin

Comparison with its symbol, the Virgin:
Virgo's symbol is the virgin, and is often considered a shy, "lady in waiting" personality that is a little naive. Though Virgos are seldom celibate, they often keep their personal identity intact throughout their lives. This composure is virginal in nature.

Virgo's symbol is sometimes shown as a woman carrying a sheaf of wisdom, representing the harvesting of wheat at the time of year of the Virgo (late summer).

The glyph for Virgo is thought to depict the sexual organs, with a tail that wraps inwards, closing itself to the world. This, in contrast to the symbol for Scorpio, which is similar, except that the tail points outward and upward in an arrow.

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury.

Signs of the zodiac. Cancer. The Crab

Modality: Cardinal
Element: Water
Ruler: the Moon
Season: Summer
4th Sign of Zodiac

Metal: Silver
Stone: Pearl, Opal
Color: White, Yellow
Anatomy: Breasts, stomach

Keywords: gentle, conservative, feeling, nurturing, defensive, contemplative.

Stereogram:Signs of the zodiac. Cancer. The Crab

Comparison with the Cancer symbol, the Crab:
A crab is able to walk or run sideways. Similarly, Cancer natives can sometimes "move about" in life, in a figurative sense, in an indirect manner. The crab's body is covered by a carapace (shell). Cancer natives are self-protective and sensitive, and often retreat into themselves when hurt. Crabs are able to resist changes in the environment, thereby protecting themselves from hostile elements in various habitats. Similarly, Cancer natives are thought to avoid too much change, and to be on the defensive. Crabs have "complex behavior patterns". The inner world of Cancer natives is thought to be rather quirky and complex. Some crabs "conceal themselves by decorating their bodies with plants and animals". Cancer natives tend to try to blend in with their environments, preferring not to make a big splash in life.

Cancer's glyph, or symbol, may represent the breasts as a symbol of the nurturing qualities of the sign.

Signs of the zodiac. Capricorn. The Goat

Modality: Cardinal
Element: Earth
Ruler: Saturn
Season: Winter
10th Sign of Zodiac

Metal: Lead
Stone: Amber, Onyx
Color: Purple, Brown
Anatomy: The knee, bones, skeleton

Keywords: tenacious, conservative, resourceful, disciplined, wise, ambitious, prudent, constant.

Stereogram:Signs of the zodiac. Capricorn. The Goat

Comparison with its symbol, the Goat: Goats are "agile animals" and "surefooted". They are "gregarious, except for old bucks, which tend to live by themselves". Goats are considered to be rather hardy animals. Capricorn is most often compared to the mountain goat. Capricorns are thought to be loners at heart, with introverted characters. Mountain goats find security in cliffs and heights--the highest places that can be climbed. Slowly but surely, a goat climbs the mountain. And, Capricorns are thought to move through life, achieving success slowly but surely. A large measure of strength of character is also associated with Capricorn.

The glyph for Capricorn is a little more intricate than most. The V is thought to depict the goat's beard; and the tail is that of a fish (Capricorn, in ancient times, was associated with the sea-goat).

Signs of the zodiac. Pisces. The Fish

Modality: Mutable
Element: Water
Ruler: Neptune
Season: Winter
12th Sign of Zodiac

Metal: Tin
Stone: Jade. Coral
Color: Sea Green
Anatomy: Feet, Veins

Keywords: intuitive, dreamy, artistic, humane, sympathetic, sensitive, compassionate, perceptive, tender, impressionable

Stereogram:Signs of the zodiac. Pisces. The Fish

Comparison with its symbol, the Fish: Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. Pisceans often feel like they are being pulled in different directions, making it difficult to make concrete decisions. The symbol of the fish has been associated with followers of Jesus Christ.

The glyph for Pisces can be seen as depicting two fish swimming in opposite directions. As well, it shows two crescents of receptivity pointing outwards, held together by the line of matter. The sign of Pisces is considered a receptive sign--one that is impressionable, spiritual, and open-minded.

04 September, 2009

Animated stereogram: Heart in fire

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