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02 March, 2013

TEST. Stereograms – Learn the level of professionalism!

Now I suggest you to learn the level of professionalism in viewing of stereograms. For this purpose I created the special test. Before you 10 stereograms, different degree of complexity. After all tasks click on the link "Show Answers" and compare to that that you see. For each correct answer – you charge to yourself 1 point.
Test. Stereogram No. 1
 Test. Stereogram No.2

Test. Stereogram No.3

 Test. Stereogram No.4

 Test. Stereogram No.5

 Test. Stereogram No.6

 Test. Stereogram No.7

 Test. Stereogram No.8

 Test. Stereogram No.9

 Test. Stereogram No.10


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