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02 March, 2013

Results of TEST. Stereograms – Learn the level of professionalism!

From 0 to 3 – the "Beginner" level
From 3 to 6 – the "Advanced" level
From 6 to 9 – the "Professional" level
And all 10 correct answers – the "Guru of Stereograms" level
So, what at you professionalism level in viewing of stereograms? I wait for your comments!

Test. Stereogram No. 1
 Test. Stereogram No.2

Test. Stereogram No.3

Test. Stereogram No.4

Test. Stereogram No. 5

Test. Stereogram No. 6

Test. Stereogram No. 7

Test. Stereogram No. 8

Test. Stereogram No. 9

Test. Stereogram No. 10


Gusti Scarlett said...

As someone who loves these since kindergarten, friends and some teachers would raise their eyebrows when I brought a book full of stereograms. How hard can it be!? Got 10/10

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