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31 May, 2009

Stereogram: The Japanese hieroglyph "Love"

Magic eye: Enamoured penguins

Magic eye:Winnie Puha's adventures. Birthday Ia

No smoking!

3 in 1. Stereogram - Puzzle - Labyrinth. Imp and heart

Stereogram: Calendar - a training apparatus for eyes for 2009

Animated the stereogram (stereopicture)

On a picture a bear cub and ….?

Stereogram: Stars. Hollywood Walk of Fame

Magic eye:Humour. Photo a trick

Magic eye:Learn the hero of a fairy tale

3 in 1. Stereopicture - Puzzle - Labyrinth. A little mouse and an apple

Declaration of love. «Love You»

Stereogram.Declaration of love. Love You
Here such original and romantic declaration of love is ciphered in stereogram.

Dolphin and Mermaid

The dolphin has grown fond of the mermaid
Deep quivering love
It it stored a sensitive dream
Bore pearls to her to a headboard

He has forgotten, that it a dolphin
Has forgotten family native
It from sea depths flied
In hope shy a kiss …

Stereopicture only an episode of this touching history …

Original card-congratulation with a surprise. I Love You

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