Stereograms. Entertainment + mind and sight training! Tell, What is represented on a picture?

25 February, 2013

Stereograms "magic eye" – Sports for eyes

Caring about health and beauty of a body, we don't pay due attention, and is frequent at all, to our eyes. We pay to them attention only when we start feeling already discomfort, we speak: "Eyes were tired". And it isn't surprising, after all eyes of the modern person test enormous loadings: motley and dynamic advertizing everywhere, business hours behind the computer monitor, small symbols and images in mobile phones and much many other things keeps our eyes in constant suspense. What to do to save and keep sight to extreme old age?

In this article I will tell a simple and available way of training and a relaxation of eye muscles.
Many of you for certain heard and saw stereograms, they are called still by 3D pictures, "magic eye", SIRDS. But very few people know that they are not only interesting entertainment, but also excellent sports for eyes. What happens to our eyes when viewing stereograms?
"Exercises" the magic eye" is an entertaining way to improve coordination of eyes and ability to focus them, they can remove the most part of tension of organs of vision which you test during the work at the computer" - Mark Grossman, the doctor of the optometry, the diplomaed acupuncturist.
During viewing of three-dimensional images blood circulation improves, tension of eye muscles decreases, conductivity of nervous fibers improves. They help not only to keep sight, but also to improve.
How to look stereograms?
It is possible to consider as from the monitor, and having printed out the picture (it is possible and in black-and-white color). For this purpose it is necessary to place the picture at distance of 35-50 cm from eyes. You look in the picture center, but don't focus attention on any separate detail of drawing. Relax eyes, slightly defocus them (so we look when on something we will reflect, a look as though through, in anywhere), and then start focusing a look again, trying "to catch" the three-dimensional image hidden in the picture. It is possible to come nearer and move away from the image thus. If it doesn't turn out yet, it is better to postpone trainings and to allow eyes to have a rest. Otherwise, eyes can be tired. From it many start being mistaken that viewing of stereograms is harmful to sight. Any first physical training of muscles (including eye) causes discomfort. Therefore in everything there has to be a measure and gradual accustoming. Successes to you and health!


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