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01 March, 2013

Simple and difficult stereograms

Тест. Стереограммы – Узнай свой уровень профессионализма!

You, probably, noticed that viewing of some stereograms for you is possible and you can see them almost instantly, and others – it is more difficult: any time "to adjust" an eye is required and to see the stereogram. It is interesting to you why so occurs?
I will share with you a small secret: the matter is that stereograms happen different degree of complexity. On what it depends?
1 . Complexity when viewing in "control" of eyes.
Sometimes, creating stereograms, I deliberately increase its complexity by reduction of number of repetitions of texture. That is, the there are less than pattern repetitions, the it is more difficult "to consolidate the picture in a small group".
2 . Distracting details of the stereogram.
I often use this cunning. Bright details distract and rivet on itself attention, without allowing "to disperse", weaken sight, and then to be focused on texture of the stereogram.
3 . Unpredictable stereo object.
That is if to see stereoobject still it is possible, to distinguish and understand that IT it is more difficult. Here calculation on arising doubts, uncertainty and mistrust to the eyes: "And unless pertinently here it? And can do it something another? " Especially if there is no task, the description and the help to the stereogram.
4 . The moving or animated stereograms.
Many are already familiar with this type of "whimsical" stereograms. Their feature that one stereoimage is quickly replaced by another. Here when viewing it is required super - attentiveness and speed in "tincture" and sight "change-over".

You will find all these types of stereograms on pages of this blog! Good luck to you!


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