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25 February, 2013

Stereograms. Myths or reality?

Wandering on Internet open spaces, in search of additional interesting information on stereograms, such versions and the assumption of magic essence of these pictures involuntarily emerge that simply wonder! In this article I want to share results of the search and to discuss them with you. Probably you resolve my doubts and many, you will dispel the myth or, on the contrary, you will provide the confirmation facts. I invite you to accept active having speeded up in this, almost scientific, discussions.

Myth or reality No. 1
Still before I started creating stereograms, I found an interesting note at one forum. When viewing stereograms eye muscles relax, the look will be defocused, and then again is focused, it is a certain skill, possessing which, it is possible - attention! to learn to see aura of the person and other objects of the thin world. Offer simple experiment – training. You look a "stereogrammny" view of the hand and … You see something? I only the 10 fingers of the right hand. I can the skeptic, or it demands certain trainings or additional knowledge? By the way, there are the companions offering stereograms even clearing aura. It is interesting, what you think about it?
Myth or reality No. 2
In the modern world it is heavy to person to keep internal tranquillity and harmony. Those who strives for spiritual wellbeing and happiness, is constant in search of ways of preservation of psychological health. For this purpose they read books, pass various trainings and psychology courses. But there is a simple and effective way is a regular viewing of stereograms. These "magic" 3D - pictures, increase mood, cause splash in hormones of pleasure and literally "pull out" the person from a depression bog. It is difficult to me to judge it, I create them. And all process from idea, then creations, before contemplation readystereograms– for me pleasure and pleasure. Therefore interestingly yours opinion and experience. Viewing of stereograms somehow influences your mood?
Myth or reality No. 3 …
to be continued


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