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04 March, 2013

Interview to Svetlana Chernysheva "Influence of stereograms on sight"

Hello, dear friends!
Today an unusual format of a meeting, we have a guest. On blog pages, you often ask me: "How stereograms influence sight? ". To answer this and other important questions, I invited Svetlana Tchernyshev.
Allow to present it to you

 Svetlana Tchernyshev - the author of the blog – your sight in your hands!   author of the book "Only forward!  " - the step-by-step guide to performance of exercises for eyes, trainings "How to improve sight on Shichko-Bates's method?  " and "Inevitable restoration of sight".
Svetlana independently improved sight with-6,5 to-3.
Excellent results in restoration of sight are reached also by her pupils.  It is possible to judge it on numerous responses on the blog.

So, we will begin
- Svetlana, first, I want to thank you that found for us time. I will begin with the most popular and main issue: what advantage for sight from viewing of stereograms?
- Advantage that sight to defocus and when viewing of in a row 20-30 stereograms of a muscle relax.
I recommend to the followers during the day and during a hard work with eyes each hour to distract and look through in a row 20-30 stereograms, in such mode of an eye by the end of day aren't tired. There is no pain and tension.
-   Whether ophthalmologists in the practice often use them? 
- Ophthalmologists, as far as I know, don't use them.
- It is recommended to whom to look them? (at sight violations (short-sightedness, far-sightedness, etc.) and/or for the purpose of prevention, for example, working much at the computer?
- It is recommended also to at whom any violations of sight already are present to relax muscles of eyes and not to allow an overstrain, for example, in operating time at the computer for prevention of subjects, at whom good sight.
- Svetlana, tell, since what age children can look?
- Yes from any, harm from them isn't present.
- What is the time and with what frequency it is possible/is necessary to look through them?
- The more often during the day, the better, if for prevention, simply periodically.
- Whether there are a lot of cases of a partial or complete recovery of sight after their viewing or their application in a complex with other techniques on sight restoration?
- Influence isn't established, they won't help to restore sight, of course, they are applied at the initial stage of my technique as one of options of weakening exercises.
The essence of my technique in removing stress from eyes, to relax muscles initially (it can be done by means of other various exercises, it is possible by means of stereograms, in fact, not important to whom as it is more convenient).
 For example, it is more interesting to children to examine "a magic eye", than to do the same palming.  "Magic eye" this good exercise for eyes which is ideally suited for children.
- Svetlana that you wanted to wish to readers of the blog?
- To your readers I will wish successes in life, never to be given, more often to look stereograms, to feel the body and eyes and not to bring to an excessive overstrain.
-  Thanks a lot, Svetlana, for so interesting information!  Successes to you in everything!
P.S.  By the way, if you want the desktop exercise machine for eyes - the Calendar with stereograms for 2013, you can issue individual the order for its production and as by your order I can make cards and posters.  Write on my E-mail:
Yours faithfully, Julia Kamenskaya


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