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23 August, 2009

Stereograms. Classes and kinds

Stereosteams - so were called the first stereograms consisting of two images, at combination giving stereoeffect.

Two-coloured stereophotos - the photos made with application of two colour filters. Are considered by means of special two-coloured points.

The stereograms created from casual points (SIRDS - Single Image Random Dot Stereogram), - the usual stereograms created by means of maps of depth and casual points located on algorithm.

Text stereograms (SIRTS - Single Image Random Text Stereogram) - instead of points symbols ASCII.

Animated stereograms - sequence of stereograms with the moving object, united in a video file.

Conditionally effects can be divided on three a kind:

* 3d-surface - On turned out the image is visible тpехмеpная a surface received by тpансфоpмации of a background.
* 3d-object - Turned out the image is 3D object, standing from a background on some distance.
* Combine - Combination of two previous kinds in one. In appeared 3D the image are present both 3D background surfaces, and 3D objects standing from a background on some distance.


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