Stereograms. Entertainment + mind and sight training! Tell, What is represented on a picture?

23 August, 2009

Instructions and information on Stereopicturs

How to look a stereopicture?

To consider it is possible as from the monitor, and having printed a picture (it is possible and in black-and-white colour). If you the beginner, try both variants. Many study with printed a picture. For beginners the choice a considered stereopicture is important for the first time also. It is necessary to begin with what pictures?
Choose, that on a picture there were no two-dimensional images, that is that is visible the usual sight, any bright details of registration, additional characters and фоны which supplement a stereopicture plot. The sight all time will "cling" to them and to be focused. So while you the beginner, is better to postpone viewing of such images.

The instruction to viewing:

Way № 1

Place a picture on distance 35-50 see from eyes, look in the picture centre, on do not focus attention to any separate detail of drawing. Weaken eyes, slightly not focusing them (so we look when about something we will reflect, a sight as though through, in anywhere), and then start to focus a sight again, trying to "catch" the three-dimensional image hidden in a picture. It is possible to come nearer and leave thus from the monitor. It is important to hold a head directly as a corner under which you look, plays the important role.

Way №2
It is necessary to come nearer to display on such distance that you could not be focused on a picture. Is better to come nearer closely, having rested a nose :-). The image all will blur. Then slowly delete a head from display (pictures), but a sight do not change. When you will start a head to delete, some fragments of a picture will be close to you, and some to keep away, the image will start to «dance» and be transformed. Look easy, and try not to blink, not to run a sight on a picture. Look attentively at these changes and will see 3D picture. When the image "is caught" it is possible to consider attentively all details of object or several objects.
It is a little trainings and it will be occurs easily and quickly.

If it does not turn out yet it is better to postpone trainings and to allow to eyes to have a rest. Otherwise, eyes can get tired. From it many start to be mistaken, that viewing of stereograms is harmful to sight. Any first physical training of muscles (including eye) causes discomfort. Therefore in all there should be a measure and gradual accustoming.


40 % of people, start to see at once the three-dimensional image, 35 more % - having trained and selecting distance and a sight inclination, 20 more % consultation of more skilled person is necessary, and further he will start them to see easily. And only less than 5 % of the population, cannot see the three-dimensional disguised images in connection with some lacks of sight.

What will you see on a stereopicture?

It will be 3D object, отстоящий from a background at some passtoyanii. That is the impression is made, that the object is in the screen, or behind a sheet of paper.
You awake in delight from the seen!
This effect costs trainings, believe!


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