Stereograms. Entertainment + mind and sight training! Tell, What is represented on a picture?

25 February, 2013

To 9 meter SUPER-Stereogram with a declaration of love

Stereograms "magic eye" – Sports for eyes

Caring about health and beauty of a body, we don't pay due attention, and is frequent at all, to our eyes. We pay to them attention only when we start feeling already discomfort, we speak: "Eyes were tired". And it isn't surprising, after all eyes of the modern person test enormous loadings: motley and dynamic advertizing everywhere, business hours behind the computer monitor, small symbols and images in mobile phones and much many other things keeps our eyes in constant suspense. What to do to save and keep sight to extreme old age?

Stereograms. Myths or reality?

Wandering on Internet open spaces, in search of additional interesting information on stereograms, such versions and the assumption of magic essence of these pictures involuntarily emerge that simply wonder! In this article I want to share results of the search and to discuss them with you. Probably you resolve my doubts and many, you will dispel the myth or, on the contrary, you will provide the confirmation facts. I invite you to accept active having speeded up in this, almost scientific, discussions.

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